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Version: 2.1.2

Api Reference

This section documents the complete Data Provider API. Keep in mind that Data Provider is not concerned about the views or about specific data origins. You'll also want to use UI bindings like @data-provider/react and origins like @data-provider/axios.

About origin addons, methods described here are common to all of them, but some can add its own methods and options, so please refer to its own documentation.

Top-Level Exports

Providers and selectors methods

Providers and selectors, once instantiated, have almost exactly the same methods:


Every function described above is a top-level export. You can import any of them like this:


import { Selector } from "@data-provider/core";

ES5 (CommonJS)

var Selector = require("@data-provider/core").Selector;


var Selector = dataProvider.Selector;